A collection of my GIS projects

Logging Road Model HTML tutorial

The tool models logging roads based on existing OSM street data, forest stands, and a cost surface.

A project for Ecotrust's Forest Planner.

Timber Harvest Cost Model HTML tutorial

The model estimates total delivered costs ($ US) for harvesting a set of timber stand from the stumpage to the mill gate.

A project for Ecotrust's Forest Planner.

Bike Garage

Bike Garage helps you find the closest bike rack to you.

A project with maptimePDX.

Biomass Potential Analysis

A GIS biomass potential analysis about the currently unused amount of biomass in the state of Brandenburg (Germany). The focus was on organic household waste, sludge, biogas remains, and spent grains.

A project for HNEE's BIOBRA research.

ArcGIS Biomass Cost Analyst Tool HTML tutorial

The Biomass Cost Analyst Tool estimates a price per ton of woody biomass for each inventory stand. It takes into account the stumpage price for each individual stratum, the harvest costs, the reforestation costs, and the transportation costs to a determined location.

A project for DNR Alaska.